Thursday, August 25, 2016


The harvest in Rhode Island is in full glorious swing, and our farmers have worked hard and long to keep those beautiful veggies coming, despite the heat, critter invasions and drought.  Yet for some reason, sales are level or declining at markets throughout the state, and ours is no exception.  Some of our vendors are finding it financially impossible to keep coming every week; we hope things perk up so they can stay with us, and we'll keep looking to find new vendors so that our customers can find the best and freshest foods right here in Pawtuxet Village.

Our second cooking demonstration of the season takes place tomorrow.  Zoey and family will be getting ingredients from our farmers and cooking them up for you.  I get inspired to try new things when I see how easy they make it, and it is always so good!

Killer tomatoes!  The crop this year is so juicy and bountiful, we should be making gallons of sauce to savor over the winter.  You can also freeze them whole (don't forget to score the skin so they don't explode) and use them later for cooking soups, stews and stir-fry.

Silk Tree Farm and Presto Coffee will be making only sporadic visits over the last 2 months of the season, mostly because of other commitments and decreased sales.  The Market Table will be carrying a limited selection of Silk Tree's soaps and candles, and you can special order for the next week.  Bagged coffee from Presto will also be available; you can pre-order from them if you would like them to grind it for you.

Patois and Havav will both be with us every week, so we won't have a shortage of savory and seasonal prepared foods to take home (or eat right away, if you can't resist!).

On Friday, August 26 at 7:30 PM:
Mashapaug Pond and Truffula Trees:
Short films and conversation to inspire action for Mashapaug Pond and the Lower Pawtuxet River Watershed
 Come watch The Lorax under the stars and beside the cool breezes of Mashapaug Pond. The film is free, family friendly and open to the public. Popcorn and cold drinks will be available. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket. (Rain date August 27)
JT Owens Ball Field, 350 Niantic Avenue, Providence

See you at the market.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Chicken is on the menu nearly every week at our house, and Baffoni's Poultry is our trusted source. From their farm in Johnston, this 4th generation family farm supplies our market with never-frozen fresh whole and butterflied chicken and parts. They also carry their own chicken sausage. Nicolette Baffoni, an elementary school librarian by day, joins us every week to answer your questions about her family's farm and the care and diet of their cage free birds.

Barden Orchard returned last week, and we were very glad to see Sandie Barden herself with their flavorful corn, tomatoes, blueberries, blackberries and apples. Tragically (and I'm not exaggerating here!), there are none of the luscious white and yellow peaches that we look forward to every year; the late frost did them in. Their other fruit is still delicious, and we should do all we can to support the Bardens in what is a very challenging season for them.

LeFavorite Bakery returns from vacation, just in time to enjoy the less humid weather we are expecting on Saturday. They will be bringing their wonderful breads, pastries, cookies, pizza strips, calzones and cake pops. Stop by and say welcome back!

PV Farmstand will no longer be coming to the market. After 6 seasons, Farmer Frank has decided to focus on selling from his farm rather than schlepping to the market. You can still place special orders for meat, such as Thanksgiving turkeys, on his website or via e-mail, or by visiting his farm.

Fruit Hill Apiaries will determine another day to bring their model hive; they were scheduled to come last week but it was just too hot for the bees. They are aiming for a date in September when it will, we hope, be cooler.

See you at the market.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Head for the market before the day heats up, grab your favorite foods and then go where it's cool.  We'll be here with green and refreshing produce, easy, fast and nutritious prepared foods and baked goods, and loads of stuff for the grill.

Fruit Hill Apiaries, suppliers of our local honey at the Market Table, will be coming with their model hive and all kinds of information about bees, pollination and the healing and nutritive powers of honey. 

Little Falls Bakery and Cafe will be with us again this week, as LeFavorite is still on their well-timed vacation.  Come enjoy Jess's scones and biscotti!

Wedgewood Flowers will be back at their stand this week, with eggs, plants and BLUEBERRIES!  Havav Market will also be with us after their break, bringing their cool vegan salads and baked Armenian treats.

And we will be extremely glad to see the Presto Coffee Truck: iced mocha latte, please!
Everyone stay cool in the meantime.

See you at the market.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Drought conditions across the Northeast continue to impact our farmers in Rhode Island. They have to spend large parts of their days irrigating their fields, and their nights worrying about where that water is going to come from if it doesn't rain enough soon to replenish ponds and reservoirs. Do your part to support our farmers by continuing to purchase their produce in large quantities, and doing whatever your personal "make-it-rain" guarantee might be: wash your car, plan an outdoor party, hang your wash out on the line, strip the shingles off your roof... let's work together to bring on the deluge!

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Nothing is as perfect for a summer meal as fresh Rhode Island seafood, and the Local Catch brings it right to us every Saturday.  Shell fish including scallops, oysters and littlenecks, squid, and a variety of ocean fish such as cod, halibut, tuna, and their own tasty smoked fish are available at their stall.  Ask Dave for advice on how to cook whatever you choose; he also has a deep knowledge of the various fishies  and where they're caught.

And of course, no meal would be complete without some fabulous farm fresh produce.  Golden beets, purple beans and green and yellow squash add color and the best value for nutrition and flavor you'll find anywhere.  Ask our farmers "What's new?" and "How do I prepare this?" and they'll be happy to let you in on the latest and greatest they have to offer.

Bring your stash of CLEAN styrofoam take-out containers, cups and large solid packing foam to the market this week; our volunteers Polly and Penelope will take them to the Eco Depot for recycling.  Many containers, one trip!  NO packing peanuts, please.

LeFavorite Bakery is on vacation this week and next, but don't despair!  Our favorite substitute baker, Jess Watts, will be here with her goodies from Little Falls Bakery and Cafe.

Patois Catering will join us again Saturday;  if you didn't get to try their food last week (they ran out early),  they promise to bring more this time to satisfy everyone.

See you at the market.

Thursday, July 28, 2016



Tomatoes.  Blueberries. Broccoli.  Bok Choy. Onions.  Beets. Cucumbers. Squash. Eggplant.  Lettuce.  Corn. More tomatoes.  The list goes on, and it's all at the market this Saturday.  Come browse, take home your favorites, and maybe try something new.  Our farmers are always bringing new varieties to give us a taste of something different, such as Blue Skys Farm's Torpedo Onion, an Italian heirloom red onion.

We will also be offering something new in the prepared foods category:  Patois Catering.  Chef Dina Outar creates Caribbean dishes, such as the "Gourmet Beef Patty marinated in our secret blend of Caribbean spices, then slow cooked and served in our delicious flaky crust."

And for those of you already anticipating that fall fruit, the annual PawPaw and Pumpkin Festival will be on October 15.  This year, we'll be offering pawpaw seeds and planting information for your home sustainable forest.

See you at the market.

Thursday, July 21, 2016



The veggies are going to be spilling over their bushels this Saturday.  GC Farms says they will be bringing tomatoes, eggplant, lots of green peppers, and their second set of broccoli.  Blue Skys will have lettuce, squash, Juliet tomatoes, and those yummy Gold of Bacau Roma Pole beans.  Pak Express will have greens, root vegetables and nime chow.  PV Farmstand has beans and corn among others, and Wedgewood Flowers will have eggs and blueberries.

Our other vendors will be bringing their best comestibles for us: fresh and smoked fish from The Local Catch, baked goods from LeFavorite, cold and hot beverages from Presto Strange O, and honey, jams, nuts and nut butters, cheese and butter at the Market Table.
Farmer Frank of PV Farmstand, offers, along with his beef, boar and chicken, a special on ground pork and turkey sausage: Ground Pork - 10lbs for only $30 ($3 per lb)
Extra-Lean Turkey Sausage  - $4.99/b
Check his website to preorder.

Havav Near East Market is making new friends here at Pawtuxet Village, not only with the customers but the other vendors as well.  Carla and Lia use walnuts and pistachios from Virginia & Spanish Peanut Co. for the bourma and Swiss chard from gC Farms for nivik (chickpeas, Swiss chard, coriander and red pepper).  This focus on using locally sourced ingredients is so important to building our network of farmers, producers and consumers.  Thanks, Havav!

Urban Pond Procession Arts is a non-profit dedicated to reclaiming and celebrating Mashpaug Pond and its community, UPP Arts kicks off its Full Circle Film Series on Friday, July 22, 2016 at 8 pm at J T Owens Park's Boat Launch, 350 Niantic Ave., Providence. (Rain date July 23 - check website for scheduling updates Living Narragansett: Stories of the Past, Present, and Future.  Film night is curated by Loren Spears, Director of the Tomaquag Museum.  The Full Circle project activities are made possible with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the City of Providence Department of Art Culture + Tourism.  The films are free, family friendly, and open to the public.
Popcorn, cotton candy and cold drinks will be available. Bring a lawn chair and/or blanket for family and friends.